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Okumidori Matcha

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Feature Flora

Okumidori Matcha

Using the cultivar, Okumidori, which has a mesmerizing and rich green color, the Hori family stone-mills only a small batch each year. The Okumidori cultivar is typically used to to make Sencha but it is now also used for matcha production. Kiroku Tea Garden is known for their beautiful, high-quality matcha and we are so excited to introduce their matcha to you. 

Tasting notes: green pea, umami, floral finish

Pesticide & fertilizer free

Feature Flora teas are produced by a 5th generation women-owned tea farm in Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. The Hori family experiments with rare cultivars and creates unique single-origin teas to reignite appreciation for the beauty and complexity of high-quality Japanese tea. 

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