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Shop Diary

A casual catalogue of updates and meanderings at Two Two, big and small, from CC (owner/curator).   



Feelings of being on the precipice of transformation.



We just came back from our first market week in New York. Going into it, we didn't have much expectation but for it to be an inspiration trip, market research, and lastly with the possibility of meeting new designers and brands that connected with our own vision. We left with all of that and more, but also a knowingness that we're on the right path. 



As mentioned in Human Repeller—"most unique stock in 10 of the best brick-and-mortar shops from Montréal to Melbourne!!"



Starting the year off with some intention setting around slow focus and creative rest, both personally and for Two Two. Calling for this energy for anyone reading this. Excited for all that's to come, for the experiments and the laughter and the joy. For more creative expression in all forms. For loving impact on our community. Thank you for the best first year!



In Oakland this weekend we received the first hint of rain, the softest drizzle for about an hour. It brought a humid breeze through our open doors and perhaps some new faces seeking shelter. Even though we've been open for nearly a year, the "are you new?" question is every bit an opportunity to connect and guide for me as seeing a familiar face. It's also a chance for us to experience someone's first impressions. What drew them in? How are they moving about the space? What items are they touching? Every small action is a point of connection between us and our guest. It's a language of its own that doesn't require words. Curiosity must be the common factor between two new entities. Observing and understanding allows us to continually recreate "newness" energy within our space. 


We've recently been experimenting with TikTok and many of our posts are stuck at that "200 view" penitentiary. I keep going back and forth on whether this channel can truly help us personify our vision and connect with engaged audiences we've been lucky to have in the space. To me it's like learning to surf. You have to practice predicting the wave and then paddle out at just the right pace, speed, direction to let the momentum of these trends and moments carry you. It's a thrill if you make it and a lot of times it feels like we're just waiting or getting swallowed.


Holy smokes we just redesigned our website in two days. 


This week we got the team together to shoot new fall arrivals. We're excited to welcome London-based Brazilian designer Renata Brenha to Oakland! Between party and religion, sport and spirit, the mixture between the profane and the sublime embraces the cultural powerhouse of Brazil and the devotional nature of its people. 


New events and workshops - check out the events page for our calendar of what's coming up. Registration is now open for Hyungi's bookbinding workshop
Sale is also on sale! Take an additional 15% off sale, now til Sunday. Discount is automatic at checkout. 


This week we're adding Thursday to our open hours! We've also started a new program called DAYTIME DINNER series - welcoming our creative community to work and connect with one another from our front space every Thursday 12-6pm. 

Last week we had an opening reception for Naomi Hawksley's show Vein. It'll be up until the end of month. 

For the store, we've received two footwear brands from Japan - GROUNDS and BENCH. Grounds makes bulbous, gravity defying footwear. Whereas BENCH are really high quality bathroom slippers with charming new embellishments! 


The first Maybe Market that took place this past Sunday was a blast! Really grateful for all the vendors that made it great and the nice people that showed up on the first sunny day we've had in over a week.

We'd like to try to do more of them, even evolve the idea behind it of experimentation and story. 


Spring is springing! This is a late update, compared to what’s on IG. But we have new clogs in from RUTH NEUBAUER, all handmade with upcycled materials on a Swedish clog base. In deadstock camo as well as reverse denim. CULT CLASSIC magazine is now carried at Two Two. Two local designers LE SEL glass jewelry and GAY KISS silver rings are in store. Also from the Bay is DEUX CRANES chocolate with a new limited edition flavor, Edamame Almond Chocolate that’s dairy free. Plus more! 

Don’t forget we’re also hosting an incense making class with HYUNGI on 4/30. The first session has just 1 seat left, and there’s a few left for the 3pm session. 


Julia Heuer’s “Beautopia” spring summer collection is here. New styles of pleating and materiality, both floral and psychedelic patterns, as well as the first introduction of their sizing options (previously many silhouettes were one size fits most) of small/medium, medium/large, as well as classic and tall lengths. Come play with the prettiest spring pieces!  


We are hiring! Apply for our part-time Retail (+Experience) Coordinator role now. SUBMISSIONS CLOSED


Gallery: Join us this Friday for the opening of ILLUMINATED SENSE with Hyungi, as well as celebration for Lunar New Year. All works will be available for sale, along with a Year of the Rabbit incense collaboration. Our friends exteeng & weeaboo diaspora DJing and refreshments provided by Makku and Ghia! 

The show will be up throughout February alongside a print pop-up by artist Kristen Wong, which will open on Friday 2/3/23. 

Shop: We welcome the MAGO collection from Seoul-based nibgnus!  


We took a much needed break to wrap up 2022 and excited to commune and connect again with y'all again in the new year. Since Lunar New Years is big around here (CC is Vietnamese) we are kicking off late January with a ton of programming to celebrate. On 1/22 we're hosting another scent development workshop with Zapah Lab. 1/27 there will be a Year of the Rabbit pop-up with incense artist HYUNGI. Then on 1/28 we'll host two incense making sessions with Hyungi. Last but not least, photo collage queen Kristen Wong will bless Two Two with limited edition LNY art prints and an art show opening on 2/3. See you soon! Sign up for the workshops now as spots are limited. 


What an auspicious date - don't you think? This week we have new arrivals from Brain Dead for the winter BRRRR. Great for everybody because of all the textures (fur, boucle, pique, etc) in classic silhouettes. Come in to the shop this weekend to try them all on. 


ANNOUNCEMENT: This week, we're finally opening doors for "unofficial" hours! You can check IG for the latest. With this announcement, please also say hello to Two Two - our new name. 22 in the sense of our name, comes from the life path number of the "Master Builder" who works in service of humanity to bring ideas and visions to life with sincerity, hard work, and an unwavering moral code. Two Two keeps to the palindromic, repetitive, and infinite qualities of the number. This name change only reaffirms our intentions and dedication to this small establishment with big ambitions for creativity, community, and culture. Thanks for sticking with us. This is only just the beginning. 


Please... stop us from eating them all. We have Deux Cranes in now. Right here from the Bay. We learned about them while we were working on a bookshelf and pedestals with furniture designer Waka Waka. They had just built some displays for Deux Cranes also so we drove out to Los Gatos to check out the new shop and taste some delectable treats. Fast forward to today, we're super stoked to be carrying the chocolates in the shop. We mentioned this on social, but if you happen to see this... if your order is over $300 we'll gift you a chocolate bar!


Bad Binch is here! Julia Heuer is here! 


If we take a moment to slow down, we might be reminded that everything in nature is constantly changing. These micro movements and tiny transitions build up, perhaps reluctantly, to these superficially known four-or-so seasons. This notion that things are constantly... different, reminded us to take a break from obsessing over the small details that are yet to come together. There's no grand arrival, it's always been there in many many forms. 

Today a few new things are added to the online store—Brain Dead socks and sweatshirts, Yusho Kobayashi knits and scarves. Layers to comfort us. "Keep your body relaxed while your heart, mind, soul and whatever deity you believe in (or have beef with) pushes you into a new day." — From Brain Dead's statement on their latest capsule collection, A Departure From The Future.


We've been quiet on here but lots has been happening behind the scenes of course. Here's a progress update on the Oakland space - which we're thinking will be ready to open (softly) in just a few weeks! New works and products are arriving soon for colder months and we've been holding discussion and space for artist/creative programming. To make way for newfound abundance we've marked down some spring and summer goods this week. Check out the sale


Check out spring/summer collection studies. Taking from our existing visual treasure chest of graphic elements and type experiments, we layer in new editorial photography of recent spring and summer deliveries for your viewing pleasure.


JULIA HEUER is now available at SDH. Julia Heuer creates extraordinary prints and handmade plissé, using a Japanese tie-dying technique called Arashi Shibori. We have pieces from her Brockenhaus 75020 ss22 collection and looking forward to future collections with this Paris-based designer. 


Big, big news! We are opening our gallery-shop in Oakland. It's exciting, scary, and going to be amazing. We teamed up with the incredible Partial Practice studio to design a space that caters to all our crazy ideas for community, creativity, and craft. All hands are on deck. We hope to see y'all soon IRL this summer. 


3 new styles of BRAIN DEAD eyewear are in and they're all unique in curve and appeal. The Sugi (a new darling), Mutant (reflective, hardcore), and Kurata (animated, daring). Plus, a restock of the Tani with yellow lenses. 


If you pre-ordered RUTH NEUBAUER clogs and sandals from us at West Coast Craft, they should be getting to you very soon. 


Thank you Mama Earth! Today we have new "bejeweled" barrettes from THE PERFECT NOTHING CATALOG. If you've been following us, you know that the stones are all collected from Frank's travels—Bodega Bay to North Carolina, gravel driveways to Internet dealers. Find 'em here!


Happy 4/20 to those who celebrate! Taking some meditative breaths over here ourselves—still elated from our first pop-up at Fort Mason a couple weeks ago. After a month of prep, we made it out alive and met incredible people! Also want to intro some conversation pieces from Sibelley (who makes beautiful glass smoking vessels too) and welcome her to our artist lineup! 


We've partnered with LOS OBJECTS for a limited run of mezcalero ceramics cups—which you can use for all types of cute bevvys. They'll be available this Saturday 4/9.


So excited to welcome SESSANCE FRAGRANSI to our artist roster :) Marisa Takal is a painter who also creates exquisite bars of art for all to enjoy. They're lightly scented with essential oil, sometimes filled with flowers, and sometimes with little hands!


Introducing Sketch Series! For the first feature we highlight Arianna of zapah lab and share some of her work and vision for making scent and olfaction more accessible and inclusive. You'll find the complete story on our in addition to other visual inspiration. 


For the Bay Area folks, we'll be at West Coast Craft on April 9 for a one-day outdoor market at Fort Mason. We're looking forward to our first "pop up" experience and hope to showcase the next gen of experimental crafts and to meet new artists. Come thru, it's free!


We just got in super dope eyewear from BRAIN DEAD, also a new brand for us in the shop. We're looking forward to having them as part of our regular lineup, a creative collective leading with bold and playful graphics. 


New 1-of-1 accessories now live. A special hand-painted handbag from YUSHO KOBAYASHI, restock of THE PERFECT NOTHING CATALOG small knives (and one large one), plus cute socks.


Happy Year of the Tiger! We’re gifting a mini bag of tea from our friends FEATURE FLORA. Until 2/12 (or while supplies last) on every order!


New products and works in! A special matcha and tencha tea from FEATURE FLORA, tabi socks from COUSIN, and museum scented fragrances by ZAPAH LAB.


We are now stocking items from NO SCHOOL, an experimental arts-education program that's focused on group art making for kids. The products are typically inspired and created by the students from their classes or sessions.


Happy new year everyone... to more peace & play for all. 




We are opening up shop tomorrow! 


2020 reawakened us to our own creative desires and to reexamine "work". SDH centers around art and play. To us, this means being gentle with everything we create – especially with our own hands. This journey began at the beginning of 2021 (though probably a decade in our minds) and today we're weeks from sharing it with you.


Specialty teas are on their way from FEATURE FLORA. Preparing their delightful Kabusecha at home in anticipation. ;) 


Received THE PERFECT NOTHING CATALOG works in-person, in New York.


Manifesting pop-ups this fall. Galleries, libraries, bars... any like-minded concepts in the SF/Bay Area interested in hosting us for a day or weekend?


Hats from Toronto-based WEFT are here and offers a refined and loving approach to upcycled design. 


Jewelry explorations from our friend, artist CHRIS WATTS encourages the wearer to alter its form and be part of the making process. 


YUSHO KOBAYASHI makes us happy for colder weather with pastel knits and decked out hiking shoes. Our first overseas artist — from Japan.


Website build is complete! Thank you Esha and the Built by Blank team.


THE PERFECT NOTHING CATALOG is preparing a collection of beautifully unusual home pieces for us. Frank who runs it is also part of No School, an experimental arts education program. Frank is really cool.  


Just wrapped branding with our design partner and day one, Vasun Pachisia. The best way to show you our gratitude is to see this vision through and to share your and Aya's beautiful work with others. Thank you, a million.



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