+ / - Pearl Aquamarine Peace Necklace
+ / - Pearl Aquamarine Peace Necklace


Pearl Aquamarine Peace Necklace

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925 sterling silver pendants and charms custom set with freshwater pearls and aquamarine gem stones.

Meticulously sourced, wholeheartedly handcrafted, and energy cleansed in the heart of DTLA by multidisciplinary artist Julius Caesar.

Special collection exclusively made for the launch of SDH.

  • SIZE
18" (l)
Freshwater pearls, aquamarine, 925 sterling silver
SincerelyMADMAN, or who many know of as Julius Cvesar, has created an extension to his already extensive creative and artistic platform. Coming out of a 14 year hiatus, MADMAN returned back to his love as a painter and an artist. With this, a custom jewelry department was brought to life as well. Each piece is a custom one of one wearable art piece wholeheartedly handcrafted using meticulously sourced 925 sterling silver, pearls, and gemstones in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.