+ / - Joyful Human 愉快的人类 by Tianu Cheng - Fragrance Soap
+ / - Joyful Human 愉快的人类 by Tianu Cheng - Fragrance Soap

Zapah Lab

Joyful Human 愉快的人类 by Tianu Cheng - Fragrance Soap

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Fruity, woody, fresh — with components of lindenblossom, treemoss, yuzuzest, rose, lemon, pink peppercorn, basil (see Materials tab for full list). 

This fragrance product was created in collaboration with Tianu Cheng. Tianu is a fashion designer turned Wuhu-based farmer who devoted herself to China's land of mystery.


100% vegetable-based fragrance soap
Handcrafted in Oakland, CA
Free of parabens, SLES, and SLS
High in vitamins E, D, and provitamin A

  • SIZE
30 ml / 1 fl oz
Approximately 100 g
Full list of components: cetalox lindenblossom treemoss triplal yuzuzest hivernal neo damascone beta cashmeran butyl butyryl lactate hedione hydroxycitronellal amyl salicylate oaklmoss hexenyl cis 3 salicylate ionone alpha melon norlimbanol pink peppercorn undecavertol pinoacetaldehyde vetiveryl acetate basil castoreum
olfactory playground are limited edition scents made by creatives and artists through zapah lab, a research-based project founded by olfactory artist Arianna Khmelniuk, dedicated to pushing experimental usage of scents in an art context, speculative, and product design. Currently based in Oakland, CA.