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White Ash

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White ash is used to fill an incense burner as a base to support burning incense sticks, cones, makko trails, or charcoal (for wood chips, granules, pellets, pressed tablets). The ash is lightweight and breathable to permit the flow of oxygen to the surface. White ash is typically made from ash of wood or rice husks.

Store ash in airtight container, after using, sift through a fine mesh to remove any debris. Return to container and reuse, color will darken overtime. To freshen ash, bake ash over aluminum foil in oven at 350-400 for 30 minutes. Incense ash should last indefinitely.

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1.7 oz bag
Ash of wood or rice husks
Hyungi Park is a Korean-American multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. While experimenting with incense in her performance and installation work, Hyungi found most commercially available incense was chemically produced and used heavy synthetic fragrances. Seeking a product that better alined with the spiritual and herbalist elements of her practice, she began making small batches of all natural incense using woods, herbs, and flowers. Finding her homemade incense popular with friends and patrons, she launched her own line of hand made incense blending traditional methods with modern innovations. She currently exhibits and teaches incense making workshops throughout LA.