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Julia Heuer has a penchant for experimentation, frequently incorporating intricate details and techniques that create almost a cult-like draw to her pieces. Even Bjork is a fan. While silhouettes and styles may repeat season over season, unique graphical patterns, pleating methods, and other handcrafted elements instantly refresh them every season. Dedicated followers of her work collect styles such as the Jack and Rose Trousers, Anna and Thelma Tops just for each new graphical interpretation. After all, they're so easy to wear. 

Julia Heuer Tristan Jacket

One of the standout trends of Julia's a/w 23 collection "Corporatecabana" is the distorted use of plaid prints paired with the introduction of newer silhouettes. Plaid, often associated with classic and traditional, undergoes a digitally altered transformation in Heuer's hands. She takes the familiar plaid pattern and imposes a painterly bitmap aesthetic, with a new pleat method called Cabana Pleat. 

The blue/grey Holm print is seen in this collection on the Tristan BlazerHarley Skirt, and Helmut Top. There's also the Taro Jacket in pink/green checks. 

Plaid duster jacket in pink and green by Julia Heuer

Plaid duster jacket detail Julia Heuer

Julia consistently blends unexpected hues and textures to breathe new life into simple silhouettes of trousers, skirts, pants, tops... and reimagining plaid as an icon of contemporary fashion. The Corporatecabana autumn/winter 2023 collection effortlessly balances the nostalgic charm of plaid with a bold, avant-garde sensibility. 


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