+ / - Hiking Shoes — Men 9 / Women 10.5-11
+ / - Hiking Shoes — Men 9 / Women 10.5-11

Yusho Kobayashi

Hiking Shoes — Men 9 / Women 10.5-11

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This is an extension of yushokobayashi AW 2021-22 “stilllife” collection and features accessories exclusively made for SDH and our launch.

Yusho adds his signature knitting style, this time using long laces and chains to various nondescript brands of trail shoes. Ideal for hiking concrete trails ;)

Comes with a custom shoe bag!


  • SIZE
Men 9 / Women 10.5-11
12" (l) x 4" (w) x 4.5" (h)
Shoes, multiple laces, chains
Cotton drawstring shoe bag
Yusho Kobayashi trained at Central Saint Martins and is a Tokyo-based womenswear designer and craft fashion label. They strive for maximum expression using understated materials and hand-done finishes and techniques. Evoking an ethereal and youthful sense of wonder and play.