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+ / - Special Knife, Large

The Perfect Nothing Catalog

Special Knife, Large

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"i’ve gathered these stones while traveling all around and some are from the internet. they are embedded in tin.

i hope that you only use this knife on special days but that you come to count more and more days of your life as special. no dishwasher and should really be washed as little as possible."

The stones:

this one is special

shells from far rockaway

yellow stone found while driving around in north carolina

perfect color orange glass gem

orange dyed coral bought from tiny stone stall in hawaii

little piece of coral

pebbles from beautiful days in bodega bay

the weird yellow translucent stone… i don’t know what that is


All objects are handmade and may have markings or "imperfections" that are intentional or part of the considered design.


  • SIZE
9.5" (l) x 1" (w) x 1" (h)
Tin, stones, big vintage knife (food safe)
The Perfect Nothing Catalog is a shapeshifting project by New York based artist Frank Traynor. Unexpected beauty, overlooked joy, and lost treasure are themes in this body of work. Frank makes things for people to take into their lives. Something that will make them smile a little for a long time.