+ / - Shangri-La Glass + White Sapphire Ring (Green)
+ / - Shangri-La Glass + White Sapphire Ring (Green)

Le Sel

Shangri-La Glass + White Sapphire Ring (Green)

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The lake water at the foot of the Xiannairi Mountain in Shangri-La, Sichuan, China, inspired this collection. This small misty lake has no name and hides by the snow-capped mountains. The water is crystal clear, cold, and contains abundant green hues. The surrounding Tibetans regard the lake as holy, and only yaks have the right to enter.

Sustainably handmade by artist Yuxuan Li in her art studio in San Francisco; each piece is slightly different due to the nature of handmade art.

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Width 0.15-0.3'', Thickness 0.1''
Sri Lankan White Sapphire 0.06ct, Vermeil, Italian Borosilicate Glass
Le Sel is a contemporary jewelry brand in San Francisco, founded by Yuxuan Li. Incorporating her art practice across painting, sculpture, and jewelry design, Yuxuan began incorporating the concept of water and its shape, color, texture, temperature and volume into glass jewelry - a meditation on the essential aspects of our daily life, existence, and the natural world. Yuxuan received her MFA from California College of the Arts.