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Hocus Pocus Beanie

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The array of texture and patterning that went into this piece gives it an incredible amount of character. While the colors are also bold, the thoughtful placement of each square keeps it both controlled and contemporary.

Each square was individually crocheted, patchworked and then hand sewn together to form this very artful piece of headwear.  

ID: Hand crocheted, multicolor beanie in red / gray / orange / black / white

  • SIZE
One size
Approximately 9" in height when beanie is rolled up once
Acrylic, cotton & wool yarns

To clean: Gently hand wash with cold water and hang or lay flat to dry
Don't: Iron, bleach, wash with hot water or tumble dry
Lilreesendthem is a textile artist based in Philadelphia that works in crochet. Her passion for crocheting began as a form of self-expression and has since evolved into love and care for style, handmade garments, and intentional fashion. No two garments are alike, from color palette to noticeable unfinished touches. Each detail is intentional and specifically calculated.