+ / - Fluid Form Swivel Ring (Green Peridot)
+ / - Fluid Form Swivel Ring (Green Peridot)


Fluid Form Swivel Ring (Green Peridot)

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Exclusive to Two Two!

The FF Swivel ring features a swivel mechanism that allows you to wear two rings in one! Flip between a clean-faced side or one set with a conflict-free oval Green Peridot stone. ​​​​​​​​You can wear up or down one full size. 100% recycled 925 sterling silver.

INO designs modern, unisex jewelry that are handcrafted from recycled precious metals and conflict-free stones. In an industry that’s focused on trends, INO encourages wearers to approach each piece as part of their lived identity and legacy. 

  • SIZE
6 - 16.5mm
7 - 17.3mm
8 - 18.1mm
925 sterling silver, white topaz
INO was founded out of a family practice in 2021 by third-generation jeweler Albert Huong. Albert spent a majority of his youth inside his grandmother’s jewelry store, from waiting for his parents to finish working after school to spending weekends at the store. In 2021, his partner Thuyen Nguyen joined the company as the Chief Creative Officer. Together, they are on a mission to creating gender neutral jewelry pieces based on the essence of simplicity, craftsmanship and durability.