+ / - tuesdays with dănuț by christopher knowles - Fragrance Soap
+ / - tuesdays with dănuț by christopher knowles - Fragrance Soap

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tuesdays with dănuț by christopher knowles - Fragrance Soap

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Woody and spicey — with components of cashmeran musk, cedarwood, black agar, timbersilk (see Materials tab for full list). 

This fragrance was created alongside Christopher Knowles, an interdisciplinary designer, creative consultant, and social entrepreneur. Christopher is the Founder and Executive Director of non-profit Practise Makes Practice, founder of design studio Bureau, and an adjunct professor at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia. His work creates meaningful connections by collaboratively interweaving understanding, healing, joy, community, and content. 

100% vegetable-based fragrance soap
Handcrafted in Oakland, CA
Free of parabens, SLES, and SLS
High in vitamins E, D, and provitamin A

  • SIZE
30 ml / 1 fl oz
Approximately 100g
Full list of components: cashmeran cedarwood virginia patchouli black agar timbersilk costus ambreine styrax rhumacetal symroxane petitgrain hedione safraleine ambroxan pink peppercorn galaxolide
olfactory playground are limited edition scents made by creatives and artists through zapah lab, a research-based project founded by olfactory artist Arianna Khmelniuk, dedicated to pushing experimental usage of scents in an art context, speculative, and product design. Currently based in Oakland, CA.