+ / - rimjhim ریمجھم by madeeha ahmad - Fragrance Soap
+ / - rimjhim ریمجھم by madeeha ahmad - Fragrance Soap

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rimjhim ریمجھم by madeeha ahmad - Fragrance Soap

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Earthy, fruity, fresh — with components of yuzuzest, cashmeran patchouli, oakmoss, oud, black tea, cedarwood (see Materials tab for full list). 

This fragrance was created alongside Atlanta-based artist Madeeha Ahmad whose primary mediums are metals and textiles. Her work explores deeply personal experiences that translate into universal themes. 

100% vegetable-based fragrance soap
Handcrafted in Oakland, CA


“a room in my childhood home had a tall window filled with old, textured glass. sunlight transfigured the window, but rain created an experience both tenebrous and sublime. on rainy days, i watched the raindrops staining the window. in storms, the glass trembled as if panting, making patterns of light coruscating like shattered crystals. don ellis’s 1967 song “open beauty” takes me back to that place of ethereal exhilaration. rimjhim, sonorous and profound, possesses an effervescence caught and reflected through textured glass, creating luminescence redolent of citrine and lichens. like “open beauty,” rimjhim greets me as a storm but leaves me amidst beams of light shining through the ghostly moisture rising from the wet earth.” —Reflection by Yoon Nam


  • SIZE
30 ml / 1 fl oz
Approximately 100 g
Free of parabens, SLES, and SLS
High in vitamins E, D, and provitamin A

yuzuzest cashmeran patchouli geosmin oakmoss shangralide oliffac oud black tea note orcinyl 3 caderwood atlas phenyl ethyl alcohol amber extr hedione coumarin hexenyl cis 3 salicylate castoreum ambrox pink peppercorn cocoa petitgrain norlimbanol aldehyde c-14 vetiveryl acetate galaxolide
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