+ / - Moda / Museum Scent Collection - Fragrance Spray
+ / - Moda / Museum Scent Collection - Fragrance Spray

Zapah Lab

Moda / Museum Scent Collection - Fragrance Spray

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Leather, floral, hay — with components of Vietnamese cinnamon, pink peppercorn, fir needle, cucumber extract, oakmoss, black agar, incense, French basil (see Materials tab for full list).

Moda was created as a result of "smell hunting" within art spaces - specifically The Atlanta Contemporary, The Museum of Design, and the High Museum of Art. This scent has undergone three reformulations based on new exhibitions, conveying the movement of ideas. 

zapah lab are a duo of artist and scientist experimenting in olfaction from a social and cultural commentary perspective. They felt that growing interest in aromatic substances within art was an opportunity to conceptually bridge cognitive sciences and contemporary art. They also believe in making the fragrance business more inclusive, diversifying the language and perception of scent so people can more deeply experience it.

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30 ml / 1 fl oz
Full list of components: cassia vietnam olibanum pink peppercorn fir needle cucumber extract oakmoss black agar incense isoamyl salicylate basil france patchouli coumarin styrax myraldyl acetate safraleine cedarwood texas hedione benzyl alcohol ambroxan melon tomato undecavertol oud auratouch rosamusk ethanol
zapah lab is a research-based project founded by olfactory artist Arianna Khmelniuk, dedicated to pushing experimental usage of scents in an art context, speculative, and product design. Currently based in Oakland, CA.