+ / - Year of the Rabbit Incense Papers - Limited Edition
+ / - Year of the Rabbit Incense Papers - Limited Edition


Year of the Rabbit Incense Papers - Limited Edition

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Notes: Elemi, Ginseng, Camphor, Bergamot, White Musk, Amber

8 rabbit cutouts on Korean Hanji papers

Lunar New Year limited edition collaboration with HYUNGI for Two Two

Incense in Asia was commonly used for rituals + fragrance— a precursor to perfume. Other uses included measuring time, repelling insects, + as a preservative for medicine. 

This handmade incense is crafted from ethically sourced + organic woods, herbs, resins + oils. Made in Los Angeles. 

  • SIZE
2" papers
8 papers with holder
Red envelope 3.5" x 6.5"
Light incense + place on an appropriate burner, or in a burner with white ash. Store incense in a cool dry place. Incense is highly flammable, always monitor when burning.
Hyungi Park is a Korean-American multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. While experimenting with incense in her performance and installation work, Hyungi found most commercially available incense was chemically produced and used heavy synthetic fragrances. Seeking a product that better alined with the spiritual and herbalist elements of her practice, she began making small batches of all natural incense using woods, herbs, and flowers. Finding her homemade incense popular with friends and patrons, she launched her own line of hand made incense blending traditional methods with modern innovations. She currently exhibits and teaches incense making workshops throughout LA.