+ / - Black Kat Pluot Pâte de Fruit
+ / - Black Kat Pluot Pâte de Fruit

Yami Yami

Black Kat Pluot Pâte de Fruit

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It’s a little bit Plum, it’s little bit Apricot! These late summer harvest fruits are rich and bright with after notes of prune.

Black Kat Pluots from Balakian Farms, Reedley, CA

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12 pieces per bag (3.5 oz)
Organic Black Kat Pluots, organic cane sugar, glucose, pectin, citric acid, white sugar for rolling.
Yami Yami was started by Yamina, a Catalan with roots in Spain & Algeria in love with the Californian harvest. Yami Yami is small batch candies—specifically pâte de fruit, to brighten your day. Most brands use frozen fruit purees that come from France, while Yami Yami takes pride in using only organic fruit from local farmers in California. Truly vegan, uses less sugar, no preservatives, colorants, or flavorings.