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Futebol Pleated Skirt

$480.00 $336.00
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Renata Brenha

Futebol Pleated Skirt

Assymetric skirt made entirely of upcycled football jerseys (size S shown - ecah piece is unique)

This collection embraces the cultural powerhouse of Brazil, taking us to the liquid boundary between the sacred and the mundane through fashion icons which, not only are wildly popular there, but also reveal the devotional nature of Brazilians as people.

True to the brand practice of upcycling, second-hand football jerseys are transformed by cutting these uniforms into patchworks and cleverly heat-pleating them to create dresses, tops, skirts, even knickers and ball-shaped bag.

Made in the UK

Size Chart S M L
28 30 31
Waist Max 37 38.5 39.5
39 40
Skirt Length
34.5 35 36



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