+ / - Virgo Bud Earrings (Brass)
+ / - Virgo Bud Earrings (Brass)


Virgo Bud Earrings (Brass)

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Finger pinched flower buds as small yet statement stud earrings. Comes as a pair.

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Size: 20 mm tall x 18 mm wide
Weight: 1.7 g each earring
Sterling silver
ORA-C is a Canadian jewelry brand created by designer Caroline Pham. She meticulously fabricates every piece by hand in her Montreal studio as unique wearable artworks. Her pieces are delicate yet bold, featuring striking color compositions and textured metal work. While Caroline finds beauty in the imperfections of the handmade object, her work is grounded in the value of good craftsmanship. She takes inspiration from ancient techniques and artifacts of the past, but her self-taught and experimental approach to jewelry-making paired with her eye for expressive styling gives an edge to her work.