+ / - Mezcalero (Lily Pad)
+ / - Mezcalero (Lily Pad)

Los Objects

Mezcalero (Lily Pad)

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The Mezcalero is a drinking vessel designed for mezcal, but can be used for whiskey, tequila, or even tea. The design inspiration is based on the traditional mezcal jicara, a small drinking vessel made from the dried out fruit skin of a calabash tree, used by Mayans and Aztecs to serve and drink hot chocolate.

The lip has a raised bump that is an homage to where the root of the fruit used to grow. 

Handmade, no two are alike! 

  • SIZE
2 in (h) x 3 in (w) x 3 in (d)
Measurements are approximate and vary due to the nature of this handmade object
Los Objects was born from two identities, roots in Mexico and the US, and the need to express through functional objects shared in everyday life. With backgrounds as industrial designers, Los Objects approaches every product using the design process: become curious about a topic, research it, brainstorm and sketch ideas, prototype, iterate, test, and make the final object that others get to experience.