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Vietnamese Oolong Tea

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Vietnamese Oolong Tea

Tasting Notes: cider, honey, apple butter

Trà Mộc Châu is grown and hand-processed on a small farm in Mộc Châu district of Sơn La Province in the Northwest region of Vietnam at a high altitude of about 1,100
meters. Tra Moc Chau is a special oolong tea that is produced from the Thanh Tam
cultivar, also known as ‘Qing Xin’ cultivar that was brought over from Taiwan. The tea
leaves are dried under the sun before being withered, tossed, oxidized, and fired
before drying and tightly rolling the leaves. The oxidation process draws out
characteristics similar to a black tea making this a very unique tea that holds many
layers of complexity with each brew.

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