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Kabusecha Tea

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This kabusecha is 100% single-origin and quite rare as it represents less than 5% of the total production of green tea in Japan.

Kabusecha means "covered tea" as the leaves are shielded from the sun for ~2 weeks prior to harvest to create a sweet umami taste. Once harvested, the leaves are steamed and kneaded to form a thin, needle-like tea.

Tasting notes: Tropical fruit, light floral, and sea salt

Feature Flora teas are produced by a 4th-gen, women-owned tea farm in Kyoto. The Hori family experiments with rare cultivars and creates unique single-origin teas to reignite appreciation for the beauty and complexity of high-quality Japanese tea.

  • SIZE
50g of loose leaf tea
Feature Flora's care for the natural world is evident in its packaging.

Bags: FDA-approved 100% recycled natural kraft paper, compostable PLA (corn-based plastic) liner, using only water-based inks & adhesives. Remove tin ties before composting.

Labels: Unbleached sugarcane paper and compostable/recyclable adhesive. Meets FDA requirements for direct food contact.
Feature Flora is a botanical design studio in Raleigh, North Carolina founded by Deana Nguyen. With the desire to share the endless ways in which we interact with nature, Feature Flora's selection of home and garden goods are thoughtfully-sourced, near and far—highlighting tradition, makers, and design inspired by the natural world.